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Thursday, October 1, 2020

LinkedIn Influencer Marketing Goal of an Influencer

In episode two of the Talketer PodcastJames Mackey of SecureVision (a recruiting company) joined the show to discuss LinkedIn Influencer Marketing, specifically the goal of a LinkedIn influencer. Listen to the clip right here:


Nick Andrews : 

So James as a LinkedIn influencer is the ultimate goal to increase sales.

James Mackey : 

I think it's to increase increased brand, it's to increase trust and credibility. That's that's really what it's about trust and credibility, right, like you want to our job as, as professionals, as business owners or salespeople or, you know, marketers trusting credibility behind personal brands, company brands, that's what it's all about. When you have trust when you're credible source, your opportunities will come.

Nick Andrews : 

And that naturally leads to more sales?

James Mackey : 

It can naturally lead it ultimately Yeah, it can lead to more sales. I think you can have a more disciplined I mean, there definitely has to be systems in place to capture inbound leads or automation. tend to have an outbound strategy as well. But it definitely building up a brand is going to make that ask a lot easier. Because what happens is, there's a great book called top of mind, you should check out.

One of the things that it talks about is that, you know, when you have a really good, I forget who wrote it. But it talks about this strategy called what basically just on social media, you know, people that are producing consistent content on a daily basis, there's this thing that occurs where whenever they would reach out to a prospect or client for an upsell opportunity or anything of that nature, what they notice is that the clients would continue to tell them or the prospects would say, I was just thinking about you. Right, and what really was happening is that they were seeing the person's contents on different social media channels, right, whether it be LinkedIn and Facebook, you know, I guess nowadays, like Tick Tock.

We'll see what happens with that. But um, and so they were seeing all this content and stuff. We're constantly top of mind. And so even with people that you don't know, it's so valuable, because, you know, there's there's certainly influencers that have a lot more engagement and followers than I do. But what you'll notice is that when you have conversations, like even if you haven't met somebody, it, they see your face enough, they see your content enough, you develop that trust, you develop that credibility, it's a kind of a warm engagement with that first outreach, you know, so it makes it a lot easier to have sales conversations because they know you they've engaged with your content, you've added value to them. you've presented yourself as an expert in the field.

If you set up your profile properly, you've clearly articulated the value that you bring to the table. Right? It's, again, your LinkedIn profiles about your story and the value you bring and creating trust and credibility. So it's, it's incredibly valuable.

Listen to the full episode here: