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Monday, September 28, 2020

LinkedIn Influencer Marketing Personal Profile vs Business Page

In episode two of the Talketer PodcastJames Mackey of SecureVision (a recruiting company) joined the show to discuss LinkedIn Influencer Marketing, specifically the difference between a Personal Profile vs Business Page on LinkedIn. Listen to the clip right here:


Nick Andrews : 

So on LinkedIn specifically, it seems like your focus is on your personal profile versus your company's business page. And unlike other social sites like Facebook, where there there's a heavy emphasis on having that business page, why is it more important on LinkedIn to have the personal profile?

James Mackey : 

Yeah, it definitely is like that. And you know, that might start to shift at some point what's always personal profiles are always going to be I think, Well, I think for the for personal brand personal profile is gonna be much more important. And maybe that professional profiles will start to gain importance. You know, some more lifecycle that Facebook did, but the thing is, is that people there Want to buy from people they don't want to buy from companies nobody really cares about, you know, secure vision, if you think about anything, in my case, right? Like they want to know who I am and what I bring to the table.

So people they trust, you know, they trust, they want to engage with people, they want to learn from people they don't want, they don't want content that's coming from a company page. And I mean, the easiest way to think about that is like, I mean, you know, how many company pages do we really like to engage and follow on on LinkedIn, I mean, it's just it's it's boring stuff. It's just not very engaging or interesting and people like that the human element, we like to engage with that and you know, they can they can build trust and rapport with you and that's ultimately you can sell the services that for your business, but it's much more effective to to build out your personal brand. You're gonna get a lot more organic reach as well. I'm the content you produce.

Listen to the full episode here: