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Monday, October 5, 2020

LinkedIn Influencer Marketing Text Based Content

In episode two of the Talketer PodcastJames Mackey of SecureVision (a recruiting company) joined the show to discuss LinkedIn Influencer Marketing, specifically text based content (vs images or video) on LinkedIn. Listen to the clip right here:


Nick Andrews : 

So James, everything I know about marketing says to use images and video in your social media content. But you don't do that you use alt text. Can you walk us through your alt text approach on LinkedIn?

James Mackey : 

Yeah, absolutely. So the thing with LinkedIn is that you get a lot more organic reach when you actually do text based posts. So they just don't, with video, video is still an important part of a content strategy because you can get really high engagement rates. So maybe you're not getting as much organic reach, but you're getting higher engagement and you can build a more intimate kind of relationship with your followers.

So I think video is still an important aspect of a LinkedIn content strategy. But in terms of the highest performing posts on LinkedIn, at least at this point in time, they are 100% text based. They have no more than three hashtags. They have very good spacing, and they also follow you know kind of a good cadence like one of the old, you know, kind of marketing tricks, right is can tap different lengths of sentences to kind of have a flow kind of what some influencers will describe is kind of like a wave, right.

So you have longer sentences go to shorter going back to longer to shorter, and just kind of has a nice flow to the content. So when you see those influencers, people that are breaking up every line with a space in between, the reason that they're doing that is because it's easier for people to consume. Our mind doesn't want to look at this huge paragraph of text and try to understand, you know, try to focus on that it's much easier if it's just short sentences on a longer post.

So but to directly I mean, the highest engaging posts at this point are text based and so that's where you know if you're really trying to go for maximum reach, that's that's the type of content for now but again, you don't want to cater too much to algorithms because they change and there's there's other there's other metrics to track besides organic reach. Engagement is important. Video can come into play.

Listen to the full episode here: