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Thursday, September 24, 2020

LinkedIn Influencer Marketing the Importance of Authenticity

In episode two of the Talketer PodcastJames Mackey of SecureVision (a recruiting company) joined the show to discuss LinkedIn Influencer Marketing, specifically the Importance of Authenticity. Listen to the clip right here:


Nick Andrews : 

Is it the authenticity of your personal brand story that resonates with people and builds that trust? Do you think?

James Mackey : 

Yeah, absolutely. I think being your authentic self is, is important. I think sometimes some people's authentic selves are a little bit more effective at generating engaging content than others. And sometimes it does feel that you you have to be authentic, right. I think it's in even if that's maybe not producing the content that, you know, gets thousands of likes, but it's real to you. I still think that that's preferable.

You know, I think that there's there's ways to analyze I like the term hack, because it makes it seem like it's easy. But, you know, I think there's ways to optimize content to certainly increase followings even more, but think more importantly, write content that's meaningful and authentic to what you bring to the table. Because it's rather, it would be better to, you know, have a content that maybe 2030 people engage with maybe 100. But that you can connect on a meaningful, authentic level with somebody versus just trying to optimize reach and writing content that's less effective or less, less authentic. If you could do both if you could do the reach and authentic at the same time.

That's you know, that's I think the best influencers are the people that they could speak from a really true place but they're just incredible storytellers. And they know how to write relatable content. On emotional level, you know, they're able to connect with people. But if you if you while you're learning, they're trying You know, I think it's it's Don't try to game the system, just speak, you know, speak authentically. And again, you know, even if it's less reach, it's better to engage on a deeper level with a few amount of people than on a superficial level with more people.

Listen to the full episode here: