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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Brand marketing: employees as brand ambassadors

In episode three of the Talketer PodcastNatalie Zensius (SVP Marketing Communications, Integrated B2B Marketing, Sales Activation & Enablement, Brand Strategy. Corporate Comms professional) joined the show to discuss brand marketing. In this clip we discuss employees as brand ambassadors. Watch and listen to the clip right here:


Nick Andrews : 

So what about the individual employees of a company? I've never been told by any company that I've worked for, you know, Nick, you're a brand ambassador. Your behavior is a reflection of the brand. I mean, that's obvious when you when you read the news and you see someone who's misbehaving at a company that impacts the brand negatively. So from from a branding perspective, how important is it that the all the employees are on board and at what point at what stage during their employee journey they need to be? I don't want to use the word indoctrinated, but educated on how they should be a brand ambassador.

Natalie Zensius : 

brands are built from the inside out. So, you know, your employees are ambassadors for your brand. And if they're engaged, and they feel aligned, and they feel like they have everything they need, and they're having a really great experience being an employee at your organization, then they will turn that around, and they will create delightful experiences for your clients and your customers. So I think it really, really is important and it should be something that happens from the very, very beginning of their journey.

You know, if you go back to this idea that everything is connected, and then everything matters, then you know, somebody who's looking to come work at your organization. Hopefully the reason they want to do that is because because of your brand, right? They want to be part of that they want to be part of that story. They want to be helping to tell that story helping to build that story. And all the touch points that they have the experiences they have all through the recruiting process through to onboarding, and then through their journey as an employee should reinforce, you know, reinforce for them.

You know, what the brand is about. And so, you know, there's ways to operationalize a brand and to have it, use the culture and that's probably, you know, a deeper conversation that goes beyond, you know, what we're discussing today. But, you know, that's certainly a key part of it. And ideally, you know, even somebody who leaves the company is still potentially, you know, an ambassador for the company if they've had a great experience.

 Listen to the full episode here: