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Monday, November 2, 2020

Brand marketing: first step to building a brand

In episode three of the Talketer PodcastNatalie Zensius (SVP Marketing Communications, Integrated B2B Marketing, Sales Activation & Enablement, Brand Strategy. Corporate Comms professional) joined the show to discuss brand marketing. In this clip we discuss the first step to building a brand. Watch and listen to the clip right here:


Nick Andrews : 

So in terms of a company who might reach out to you and say, Natalie, I need help building a brand I have nothing. What is the very first step to going from zero to start your brand journey?

Natalie Zensius : 

Um, well, my response to that would be you don't have nothing. You You have something, oh, unless you're, you know, a startup in, you know, where you're doing family and friends funding stage. And you're really just getting started, you have something and so what most people typically start with, you know, they might sort of articulate in their own minds organically. This is you know, who we are, what we're about what we offer, what's different about us all this sort of things, and then they'll start to think about well, we probably need, a logo and a name and some color, and a website and all those sort of things.

So that's oftentimes when I work with companies and organizations, they have things in place. And sometimes it's about taking a step back and looking at those things and seeing, you know, your habit, you just haven't articulated it and sort of operationalized it effectively across your organization yet, so let's figure out how to do that. More. It's, oh, we need to rejigger this because, you know, there's some gaps between how we are being perceived versus how we want to be perceived. Or it's, hey, you know, how we've been talking about ourselves isn't isn't needs to evolve because, you know, our offering has evolved and the audience's that we're trying to reach are shifting. So if every engagement is different, and it really depends on a lot on, you know, the life cycle of the organization.

You know where they are at in that lifecycle, you know, what it is they're trying to accomplish. But if, you know, if you were to put the whole thing together, it's really on on you need as a foundation, you need to understand, you know, what is your brand about? What does your organization value? What are your core values? What is your purpose? What is your mission? What is your vision, and then on top of that, you can start to build, okay, how are we positioned relative to competitors and relative to other other you know, other folks in our space in our category, then you articulate your value proposition once you have those foundational pieces, then you can start to layer on top of that, okay, how do we want to message that, you know, what's the right way to message that?

How do we, you know, again, what is our personality going to be, you know, are we going to be more laid back and casual, are we going to be a little bit more buttoned up, you know, figure all that out. And then you start to layer on top of that, well, so how does that get expressed creatively out into the world, you know, through colors, and imagery, and different types of, you know, photography or media or what have you. And then once you have all of that, then you can start to figure out what channels do we need to put this out there.

And all of this is not getting created in a vacuum, you know, you're you know, you are creating it in conjunction with having a sort of a deep understanding of not just your category that you're that you're playing in, but also you know, that the person the clients that you're trying to target, so you want to you know, have a deep understanding of them deep understanding what they need, what they're looking for, what they're, you know, what a typical journey might look like for them, you know, what their psychographic information is right like so the graphics ethnographic information, all that all that kind of stuff.

 Listen to the full episode here: