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Monday, October 26, 2020

Brand marketing: How music and jingles influence brand

In episode three of the Talketer PodcastNatalie Zensius (SVP Marketing Communications, Integrated B2B Marketing, Sales Activation & Enablement, Brand Strategy. Corporate Comms professional) joined the show to discuss brand marketing. In this clip we discuss how music and jingles influence brand. Watch and listen to the clip right here:


Nick Andrews : 

I hear a lot of jingles from even financial services company. I'm thinking of a couple insurance companies, they have jingles and it seems to be such a huge part of their brand. How does music create a brand for like a financial services company? It seems like those two things don't don't match.

Natalie Zensius : 

Well, I mean, it's back to the back to the piece of you know, memory as well you know, are some where some people are more visually oriented. Some people are more orally oriented, is that the right word? So, again, this is just a, you know, a determined, conscious thoughtful plan on the part of the brand marketers at these, you know, these larger organizations that have lots and lots of resources to devote to their brand marketing to hit it on all fronts, you know, the and, and, and I every decision every touchpoint every single piece has been thoughtfully thought through, but those mega mega brands that are out there in the world that have, you know, super high brand valuations and we talk about how do you how do you value a brand and if you want but for those that have, you know, really high valuations and people can recall them people know who they are, you know, even if they're not, even if they're not shopping and buying from them. They still know who they are.

They have put tons and tons of money in time and really, really smart people. You know, on task to think about all of these various things. And so whether it be the photography they're using, you know, music because that, again is just going to stick in people's mind though the colors they're using the words they use the words they choose how they put the words together, you know, so the tone, the tone of voice that they use and the kind of personality that they want to kind of exude and and exhibit is all been thought through. There's not there's not a stone left unturned in terms of, you know, thinking through all these things.

 Listen to the full episode here: