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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Brand marketing: branding best practices during corona virus, covid-19, pandemics

In episode three of the Talketer PodcastNatalie Zensius (SVP Marketing Communications, Integrated B2B Marketing, Sales Activation & Enablement, Brand Strategy. Corporate Comms professional) joined the show to discuss brand marketing. In this clip we discuss branding best practices during corona virus, covid-19,  and pandemics. Watch and listen to the clip right here:


Nick Andrews : 

So you mentioned thinking through all these things, and I agree with you, but what about when something comes up that that's impossible to have anticipated? I'm thinking our situation right now or Coronavirus, or COVID-19, or health crisis? How does a brand prepare for something like that? And since you can't really prepare for or maybe you can, like how do you react to it? How do you, change your brand almost overnight to accommodate a new world?

Natalie Zensius : 

Well, I don't think brands are changing their brands overnight. They may be, you know, they may be changing some of their operations, they may be changing some of their infrastructure. They may even be changing some of their people. Um, but at the end of the day, the, the container for all of that is the brand, right?

So it's, it's, who they are, what they stand for, what they're about what their mission is, what their vision is, none of those things change, you know, those things are sort of, you know, are kind of the cornerstone of the whole enterprise. Right. And so I think what I've seen during this pandemic is that those organizations that have strong brands and they have a clearly articulated brand purpose, you know, they clearly understand what their values are, they It was very clear for them what they needed to do, you know, and so they knew how to take care of their employees, they knew, they knew how to take care of their customers and their clients, because they already they already, you know, they were being and they were able to do it in an authentic way.

That was the continue to be true to who they were. So those are our values, sorry to interrupt, these are our values as a brand. And although this is an unanticipated situation, we can apply our values and who we are to it. And then through that lens, here is our response. And that response will authentically be in line with our brand. Right? Yeah, it's, it's, you know, I think it is it's a strategic management tool that guides every aspect of the business. So it's not just again, it's not relegated to just the sort of niche, you know, marketing function. It really is something that you know, the head of it to be thinking about brand, the head of HR needs to be thinking about brand. The legal team needs to be thinking about brand, I mean, obviously through the lens of compliance and all those other things.

But, you know, the operations team, it's, again, everybody, everybody, if everybody's thinking about it, you know, what is on and this is kind of a, sort of a nerdy, wonky term, but, you know, if, if everybody's looking through the lens of is this decision we're about to make on brand is these you know, these people acting in a way that is on brand and alignment with our brand, then it becomes pretty clear, you know, whether or not you should move forward or not.

So, I think crises are going to come and go, um, you know, there's always going to be challenges the business environment, just by definition is you know, it's dynamic. It's ever changing and, you know, but but the brand can sort of be that that North Star, if you will, and help guide you through and hopefully, you know, to continue to grow and thrive.

 Listen to the full episode here: