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Monday, September 28, 2020

Did Pinterest Predict 2020 Social Unrest? 6,000% search increase in "Protest Posters" in Dec 2019

Welcome to the Talketer Podcast. This is your host Nick and today we are talking about Pinterest specifically a report that Pinterest published December 10 2019 called the top 100 trends for 2020.

I find it really interesting to go back into these reports right and see how close and accurate to predictions are. The Pinterest 100 shows the top 100 ideas for 2020 based on Pinterest search data. All data is global and represents year over year growth.

So there's a lot of interesting categories that the data is broken into beauty entertainment, health and wellness kids and parenting home hobbies etc, etc.

There is a category called conscious consumption. Here's what really blew my mind when I read this report again, this was published December 10 2019.

Protest posters. Okay, the search term protest posters saw 6,000% increase in 2019 over 2018.

Okay, this report was published December 10 2019. Several months before all the social unrest started happening in the country. It just very interesting timing. A late December report showing a 6,000% increase on protest posters.

Some other really interesting data under the the finding balance section. Okay, you have social media detox with the 314% increase year over year. Again, that's increased from 2019 over 2018

Home hub work from home where 82% increase I would love to see what that number is now. Probably a massive increase. But what's just so interesting about this report is that Pinterest kind of nailed 2020 right there predictions were pretty spot on.

And especially that protest posters, one that was very, very interesting. So you can go to Pinterest 100 dot com and you can find this information on the Pinterest 100 report.

And again, this is Nick with the Talketer Podcast talking about the very interesting Pinterest 100 report. Be well talk donation. I'll see you next time. Bye