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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Getting Started with Podcast Marketing

In episode one of the Talketer Podcast, Shantae Young of The Way with Jazz and Tae (a podcast about pop culture, music, politics, and more) joined the show to discuss how she got started with podcast marketing. Listen to the clip right here:

Nick Andrews:

So Shantae you mentioned you're almost at two years in your podcasting career. It seems to me that you're at this point where you're trying to break it to the next level kind of going from, from good to great. But can you take us back to the very beginning think about like that very first episode. You recorded from a marketing perspective, what was the first thing that you did to really market and drive awareness for that first episode of your podcast?

Shantae Young:

Yeah. So after our very first episode, I will say we definitely started our podcast as a hobby. We really didn't have a goal for it or anything that we want it to do. So while we were marketing in the beginning, it was in a very big push. So we initially started marketing on Instagram.

That's where we started. And we're still on Instagram and we're like very heavy on Instagram as well still to this day, when we started on Instagram just to kind of like raise awareness and also because my co host and I have pretty big followings on our own Instagram, we figured that if we started Instagram for our podcast, hopefully we'll get some of that natural organic, some of our followers from our own personal to our podcasts.

Another thing that we were doing or that I was doing a lot of research about podcasting. And like, what's the best way to market it? What should we be doing out the gate. And one thing was to add your podcast to directories. There are thousands of forums and directories out there for anything, really, but there are many out there for podcasts. And so I just started to reach out and submit our, our podcasts through different directories. And that's been another big way or like in the very beginning that we marketed our podcasts.

Nick Andrews:
What are some of those top directories?

Shantae Young :
So one that we're on currently is like dope black pods. And it caters, obviously, essentially to black podcasters. But there are also directories through some of the main podcast hosting sites like blueberry and Lisbon. There was also I found an opportunity on Twitter. There's a conglomerate of podcasts are kind of like a podcast network.

Have people in Seattle and they actually made one. And they, it was called the Seattle podcasting Guild. They made their own directory. And they actually were they put a call out on Twitter. And I was like, how can we be part of it? And they're like, just by doing that just by asking. And so we got a, we got put on their directory, and it's a Google Doc that they have on their website. And it's pushed out to anybody who, who visits their website, but they also do pushes on Twitter as well.

Listen to the full episode here: