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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Grow Your Podcast with Live Events Sponsorship

In episode one of the Talketer PodcastShantae Young of The Way with Jazz and Tae (a podcast about pop culture, music, politics, and more) joined the show to discuss how to grow your podcast with live event sponsorships. Listen to the clip right here:


Nick Andrews : 

So you started the marketing journey on Instagram, then then it kind of moved towards these directories. Then what how is it grown and expanded from that first episode to today?

Shantae Young : 

Sure. So I would say like, again, because we started off as a hobby. We were just doing the bare minimum when it came to marketing. And then I would say in August of last year, we got we were presented with an opportunity to do a live event. So summer splash, by It was in August of last year, it was essentially an event that was going to bring Seattle artists together, it was going to be a great big festival just for us by us. And they asked us to be the resident podcast team. And we were like, we have to take this opportunity. This could be huge for us. But we also knew like, we weren't ready for this, and that this could be an opportunity that could really catapult us in a different direction with our podcasts. So pretty much in August is when we kind of shifted our mindset. We were like, we could actually do something with this. And if we're actually pushing ourselves more, we're going to gain more listeners obviously. So I would say that after after slash Fest, that alone gave us this this big listenership boosts like people directly in Seattle now know about us. And we went back to kind of like old style like we've printed out business cards and we got a logo and we had a banner when we were there, so people took our business cards and then they followed our podcasts that way. So really like, out there, like word of mouth, even, you know, handing out flyers type of marketing. And from there, it was like, we met a bunch of artists they were interested in coming back on to the show, you know, to do music interviews. So that allowed us then to kind of reach into their listenership as well. So we were like, well, we'll do a review of your song. That way, it's a trade, right? So you have your music, on our podcasts and in our podcasts is international. And you know, then you just do marketing on your end on your Instagram or your other socials. However, to push our podcasts that way, you know, your interview gets listens, and that's helping us all in all all together. How did

Nick Andrews : 

How did you catch the break? Excuse me for interrupting How did you catch that break? to host that event.

Shantae Young : 

We just really got lucky there. The guy who was hosting the event, Marshall hue, he's in a band called the martial law band. And he actually had been following our Instagram account and listening to our podcast. Yeah. And we didn't know. I'll be honest, we have this whole like, it's kind of like, we're shell shocked whenever people are like, yeah, listen to it weekly. And I'm like, dude, that's crazy. Thanks. So yeah, he was just like, I see what you guys are doing. You guys are doing some awesome stuff. And I am. He's really into building up the community and building up artists who are willing to work hard and work out their craft. And he saw that in us and was like, I think you should be our podcast on our podcast team. And since then, he's even given us more opportunities in different events as well which is also giving us other opportunities to kind of promote ourselves and raise awareness of who we are. Other things that we're able to do outside of just podcasting.

 Listen to the full episode here: