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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Importance of Relevant Content in your Podcast

In episode one of the Talketer PodcastShantae Young of The Way with Jazz and Tae (a podcast about pop culture, music, politics, and more) joined the show to discuss the importance of relevant content in your podcast. Listen to the clip right here:


Nick Andrews : 

So it started off as a passion project a hobby, you were just kind of promoting it to your friends on Instagram. So this it's it's this authenticity shines through your friends like it. Other people are seeing that that's really awesome. So to like talk to you about the content, obviously, the content of the podcast, must really resonate with you and your audience and just talk about like how important it is to be authentic within your content.

Shantae Young : 

Absolutely. For us, that's really what it's all about. We just, Jasmine and I, my co host have a very interesting dynamic. We're almost like twins, one in the same but we also have very different viewpoints. So there are topics that we can just bring up and we'll rant about them and just get really passionate about it. And that's us. Like, that's us. We bring ourselves To our podcasts every time, and that's what it's all about. For us. I think that a lot of other podcasts, they have niches. So it makes it a little bit easier for them to come up with content. But with us, we're doing any an array of anything. It's really broad. And it's like a variety show. And I feel like there are a lot of podcasts out there like that. It so much so that it's oversaturated.

So it's like, how do we differentiate ourselves and we and we do that by our our personalities, like what we're bringing to it, because we feel like there's nobody like us together. And obviously nobody like us separately. But together, we're just a very different dynamic. We bring a different dynamic to every episode. And then we also just really try in our content to talk about relevant stuff, stuff that people want to talk about. 

When we started the podcast. What we learned is that like, we were having these great conversations with our friends about world problems, politics, TV shows and just really opening our minds up and having Just awesome conversation. And we really, really loved that. So we were like, how can we do that with a podcast. And we, we found that like, we'll bring up topics that are happening like Kanye running for president, for instance, we talked about that. We talk about mental health a lot, because we feel like of mental health awareness and stigma around mental health is extremely important. And we want to be a part of that change and raising awareness around it.

We talk about politics in general, because right now and you know, in the year of the election, that's important, and we want to make sure that we're a source of that were a source of information, good information, and maybe of the millennial viewpoint as well as a black female millennial as well. So we want to bring a voice or an experience that isn't widely spread, but also we want to make it so that our peers or the people listening can resonate with it as well and that they want to join the conversation.

I would say that more than anything, that's what we really want is to foster that conversation among people. Because you know, we're not always going to not all people are going to be on the same wavelength or have the same perspective. But I think that that's important. But we should be able to come to the same table and have those difficult conversations.

Listen to the full episode here: