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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Brand marketing: what is branding?

In episode three of the Talketer PodcastNatalie Zensius (SVP Marketing Communications, Integrated B2B Marketing, Sales Activation & Enablement, Brand Strategy. Corporate Comms professional) joined the show to discuss brand marketing. In this clip we discuss what is branding? Watch and listen to the clip right here:


Nick Andrews : 

So Natalie I'm really looking forward to our conversation today about branding. And when I think of branding, I think of like colors and logos but it has to be more than that, right?

Natalie Zensius : 

Yes, I mean, that's that's definitely part of it. Um, but I would say, and this is probably not the most academic way to say this, but I try to keep things simple is that your brand is the perception either positive or negative that people have in their minds about your company or your organization. And so, branding is kind of a discipline that attempts to influence that perception to the positive. And it kind of asks us to consider the idea that everything we do as an organization communicates and everything is connected, and everything matters. 

And so when you have a system of behaviors and practices, and sort of ideas that are consistent and distinct and memorable, and they're all aligned to your overarching core values as as an organization, then you have then you have a brand strategy and when all of these things are in alignment, it's really really great because you get an authentic experience both for employees at your company you organization and for your clients and so you've got you know, you're building a great culture on the employee experience side and you're building a great, you know, experience for your customers on the on the brand new external side, all of that works together and drives growth, which is what we want. Right?

Listen to the full episode here: