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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Cloudflare's free, privacy-first web analytics solution

 Hello and welcome to the Talketer podcast. This is your host Nick Andrews.

CloudFlare released their free privacy first web analytics solution.

CloudFlare is based in San Francisco and they provide services like CDN, which is a content delivery network DDoS mitigation, Internet Security, etc.

They released a blog post on their corporate blog saying that "there are free analytics tools out there. But they come at a cost, not money but your users privacy". 

They went on to say, "the most popular analytics services available, were built to help ad supported sites sell more ads."

 Now this is clearly a shot at Google Analytics, and how they track users across the web in order to provide marketers better information for ads.

CloudFlare doesn't sell ads, so they have no incentive to track everybody's movement around the web. Their new privacy first web analytics system will not track, it will not track individual users over time for the purposes of serving ads.

They don't use client side state, like cookies or local storage for the purposes of tracking users. And they won't fingerprint individuals via their IP address, user agent, string, or any other data for the purposes of displaying analytics.

This Google Analytics competitor will focus its analytics on the concept of a visit instead of unique users, which requires cookies. Other features will include visits by country visits by source hosts click pass browse browsers, device types.

So this is a really interesting new free web analytics solution from CloudFlare check it out today for a privacy focused privacy first web analytics solution.

If you already have this on your site, let me know in the comments below what you think. And stay tuned to for more marketing information, be well Talketer nation.