How a Best Vastu Consultant Can Help in the Interior of Your House!!!


Building a dream home is not an easy task for everyone. It requires lots of investment and sometimes a complete bank balance. While investing so much money, everyone wants their house must fulfill all their requirements, and those who understand Vastu norms never compromise a single corner of the house without following them. Those who understand the importance of Vastu shastra also know that it is not enough to construct a house as per Vastu, the interior of the house must be followed as per Vastu norms to make it perfect for living. To maintain a perfect balance in the property people, keep on looking for the best Vastu consultant near me. Only the Vastu consultant can help in making the house perfect according to all the Vastu standards. 

Let us check out how a Vastu impacts the interior of the house and why one must keep looking for the “best Vastu consultant near me” to make the space flawless for living. 

    1. Kitchen Direction: Let us start with the kitchen, the most important section of every house. It is the place where the most delicious food is been cooked for the whole family while taking care of their good health and hence, it is important to place it in the right position. The Southeast direction is considered best for positioning the kitchen as it is the position of “Agni” – the Lord of fire.
    2. Bedroom Direction: The bedroom of the house is considered a very personal space for the residents and the right positioning is important for the person’s health, career, and personal life. If you have more than one bedroom in the house then as per Vastu norms the master bedroom should be positioned in the Southwest direction while the children’s room or the guest room can be placed in the Northwest direction. 
  • Pooja Room Direction: It is the most sacred section of the house where all the prayers and other rituals are performed. Placing it in the right direction helps in bringing prosperity and harmony to the house. According to the Vastu consultants, the Pooja room should be located in the Northeast section of the house. The person must face North or East direction while performing all the prayers. Never keep your small temple or pooja room below the staircase or against the wall of the washroom as it is considered very inauspicious.
  • Color Scheme of the House: Every interior designer understands the importance of having appropriate color combinations in all the rooms of the house as the colors bring so must positive energy to the house. Each room must be decorated with some specific colors as per Vastu norms.
  • Placing Water Source in the House: Our body is made of 70% water and it is important to maintain hygiene and good health while placing the water source in the right direction. in addition to that, one must keep the face in the Northeast or East direction at the time of drinking water as per Vastu norms.