Sprinkler System Installation Vs. Repair: What Do You Need?


Homeowners use sprinkler systems to water their gardens. This method of watering the lawns is more affordable and reduces water wastage. However, the concern is the durability of the parts, which might need repair or installation again. To find out if a part of the entire domestic sprinkler system needs to be changed or not, here are some differences.

Signs Indicating You Need a New Unit

Even after proper maintenance, the unit might stop functioning abruptly. The two reasons supporting this specific case are the new underground lines or the installation of new landscaping. You have to replace the old unit with the new one in this situation. While installing a new domestic sprinkler system, you should go for custom-designed sprinkler heads and annual maintenance plans to avoid such malfunctioning. 

Signs Showing You Need to Go for A Repair

  • Improper Installation:

When you have installed a new sprinkler system that is not functioning appropriately, it needs to be repaired. It can be because of poor coverage, incorrect wiring, etc., and that’s why you need immediate professional help.

  • Lack Of Maintenance:

Sometimes, homeowners forget to get the sprinkler system checked by professionals. A proper irrigation unit like a domestic sprinkler system needs to be maintained. Also, if a unit is left untouched, you will face difficulty in operating. In this instance, you have to go for routine maintenance to check if any parts need to be changed.

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of whether you want to get your sprinkler system repaired or installed, look for an experienced firm. They should be highly reputed and must offer a warranty period. The professionals should be able to install the unit properly. With that, you can use the domestic sprinkler system to water your lawn whenever needed.