10 of approximately 900 theme park memorabilia items up for sale from Disneyland

Memorabilia items up for sale from Disneyland

Disneyana lovers will have the opportunity to add a little part of the history of the Anaheim theme park to their own memorabilia collections at a forthcoming auction showcasing hundreds of Disneyland objects anticipated to sell for up to $50,000 each. To assist you in narrowing your shopping list before the bidding begins, we’ve compiled the top 10 Disneyland auction goods. Prior to the weekend sale, online bidding is already taking place, with the top 10 lists being sorted by predicted auction house values. Find more info about railroad memorabilia

A Skyway Attraction Vehicle, from 1965 to 1999

Value estimated at over $50,000 Present price: $10,000
Over the past 30 years, this incredibly rare vintage Skyway bucket has transported guests above Disneyland. About ten years after the ride’s debut, in 1965, the now-iconic circular buckets with fibreglass bodies and metal frames were added.

The Autopia Mark VII Amusement Vehicle, approx. 1967–1999

Value estimated: $20,000+ As of today’s bid: $6,250
With an 8-horsepower engine, the Autopia automobile that was used at Disneyland for more than 30 years has been expertly restored to drivable condition.

Bench on Main Street, USA, c. 1990

Present price: $7,750
The side panels of the Main Street USA seat are made of wrought iron and decorated with floral designs and the famous green colour of Disneyland.

Drumhead sign on the Disneyland Railroad, from the 1970s through the 1990s

Present price: $5,250
The iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle logo from Disneyland is screen printed on acrylic for the backlit sign.

Poster for the Matterhorn Bobsleds Park Attraction from 1959

Value estimated: $5,000+ As of today’s bid, $2,800
The extremely rare Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction poster shows pictures of the Alps and the words “Race through Alpine Passes and Ice Caverns.”

Country Bear Jamboree Beehive Prop, somewhere between the 1970s and 1980s

Present price: $4,100
The extremely rare hand-painted fibreglass prop beehive used in Disneyland’s Country Bear Jamboree ride previously jiggled to the sound of bees buzzing. It now drips with honey.

“Jolly Roger” Flag from a Pirate Ship with a Chicken of the Sea (about 1960s–1970s)

Present price: $2,000
In Fantasyland at Disneyland, the incredibly uncommon “Jolly Roger” pirate flag was flying over the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship restaurant.

Around 1955 to the 1960s) Jungle Cruise Amazon Belle Boat Sign

Present price: $1,900
The 52-inch hand-cut wooden sign is in decent shape, with slight surface wear from use and some paint chipping around the text.

Disneyland Railroad Station, Main Street, USA Flag, ca. 1960

Present price: $1,550
Sleeping Beauty Castle, fireworks, and lettering are sewed into both sides of the original, double-sided Disneyland flag from the park’s early years.

Pluto Walk-Around Character Collar Prop (Dating from the 1990s to the 2000s)!

Value estimated at $1,000 + present offer: $350
The resin dog tag that hangs from Pluto, the walk-around costumed character at Disneyland, reads, “If found, please return to Mickey Mouse.”