How does the foundation support the children in education and development?


In India there are many foundations, they aim to help equality for girls, education for children’s and rights. They helped to improve the millions of lives of young people and children by enabling them in quality education, healthy environment, protection and participation in lives decisions, healthcare services, and livelihood opportunities. Their main services during the war are to provide accommodation, food, and education. They support relief activity, emergency assistance for families, children and their communities for long-term development.

Education support:

The most powerful weapon in the world is education; it will break out the cycle of poverty and change the world. Many of the children have lost their childhood by not receiving their proper education in time. There is huge support from NGO for Education in India and basic responsibilities to non-literary from literacy. Through mass media, they spread about education through public awareness programs. During natural calamities, they help to provide books, uniforms, food, mid-day meals, and stationery for children.

Other supports for girls:

The foundation plays an important role in bringing people together. They support the children especially girls in right to education with many ideas like a child-tracking system and forming a student group. Many of the girls are not supported for education so the foundation has started their support through the girl child project. In this project, there are several services provided to girls for their education and development.

Learning with digital tablets: In these days through academic support, education is given in software with their local language to learn maths. Even government schools these facilities are provided to operate before or after school time. This software is pre-loaded in digital tablets, so children can easily access them even in remote locations. It helps the girls to learn with understanding and instructions with learning level.

Women tutors: To create eco friendly for girls, they provide women tutors to learn from local communities with facilities to learn through schooling. And also engage with the community and with the girl’s parents.

Sports curriculum: With the help of the foundation girl is getting the opportunity to participate in fitness and sports activities. For girls sports curriculum is professionally designed and which are regularly practiced.

Supplies Kit: For every year children will get a raincoat, stationery, and school bag. Especially for girls branded sanitary napkins are provided every month. Most teenage girls find it hard to attend classes, with the help of this kit girls will come to school with dignity.

So the underprivileged girls will get them every year support with these services and it provides an opportunity to change their destinies. This project is to mainly help low-income family girls to complete their ten years of schooling. Across the country, this project supported the lives of 450,000 girl’s education. In this corona pandemic situation, there are lots of problems is faced by the whole world with disturbing societies, economies, and lives. Still, some foundation is very eager to serve the children’s education. Some boys are getting back to school, but girls are forced to work or get married at an early stage due to this corona situation. To stand against these problems education is advantageous for girls.