Overview of FMV Leasing for Office Equipment


Today’s technology-driven office can benefit from office equipment lease Baltimore, MD, using FMV leasing. It is an attractive option for businesses of all sizes looking to acquire the latest technology without breaking their budget. This type of lease provides businesses with flexibility, affordability and access to equipment with the latest features. 

This blog article will explore the pros and cons of using FMV leases to obtain office equipment.

What is an FMV Leasing? 

FMV stands for Fair Market Value. FMV leasing is an attractive option for businesses of all sizes because it gives them access to the latest technology they need while offering an affordable low purchase price at the end of the lease term. With an FMV lease, you are renting the equipment instead of buying it outright, which often allows you to get more advanced technology than you could afford.

Pros of Office Equipment Leasing

  1. Cost Effective: An FMV lease is an affordable way to obtain the desired office equipment without making a large upfront purchase. Leasing allows businesses to spread the cost of their equipment over time and to pay for the equipment on a month-to-month basis.
  2. Tax Advantages: FMV leases may offer tax advantages in the form of deductions. Lease payments may be deductible from business income, reducing the overall tax burden.
  3. Easy to Upgrade: FMV leases allow businesses to upgrade their office equipment as new technology becomes available. This makes it easier for companies to stay ahead and remain competitive.

Cons of Office Equipment Leasing

  1. Lack of Ownership: With an FMV lease, the business does not actually own the equipment, and the lease may include stipulations prohibiting the sale of the equipment. This means that the company cannot benefit from any gains in the value of the equipment over time.
  2. Locking into Obsolete Technology: An FMV lease may also include limits on how often the equipment can be upgraded. Businesses may end up with outdated technology, which could be a competitive disadvantage.
  3. High Termination Fees: Businesses may face costly termination fees if they end their lease early. This could be particularly costly if the technology is no longer useful or the business needs to upgrade to newer technology.



Office equipment leasing is a popular option for businesses, but both advantages and disadvantages are associated with using FMV leases. Understanding these pros and cons can help enterprises to make informed decisions when leasing office equipment.

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