Are GMAT Scores Accepted in India?


The GMAT exam is the gateway for all students who aspire to study at prestigious B-schools abroad. But is there an option to study in India’s best B-schools using your GMAT scores? The answer is yes, most top business schools in India accept GMAT scores for admissions. Let us now learn more about the admissions requirements process for B-schools in India.

B-school Admission Requirements in India

You might be aware that business schools generally accept CAT/XAT/GATE scores for domestic students and only international students are allowed to apply with GMAT scores. However, GMAT in India has garnered a lot of popularity due to its reputation of being a standardized test which is accepted as one of the admissions criteria by top B-schools in the world. In fact for the executive MBA Programs GMAT scores are accepted for both domestic and international students. Additionally, all the IIMs in India and over 140 B-schools in India also accept GMAT scores for admissions.

To attempt the GMAT you will first need to register for the exam on the official website The registration process is straightforward. You will have to create an account by filling in your basic information – Name, Address, contact information, Date of birth, etc. Next, you will have to select your exam dates and test location centre. Finally, complete the payment for the exam and you will have completed your registration.

As mentioned above, you will need to select your exam date while registering for the GMAT and there are several points you need to keep in mind while doing so. Unlike other exams the GMAT exam date 2021 India is available throughout the year. Thus, you have the option to select a date as per your preference and convenience. Ensure you choose a date that adheres to the deadlines of the colleges you are applying for admissions. Plan a rough estimate of the time you will require for preparation of the exam. In the event you are unsatisfied with your scores, plan some time for a reattempt of the exam as well. You are allowed to appear for the GMAT up to 5 times in a calendar year with a 16-day gap between each attempt. The total number of attempts for any candidate in a lifetime is eight. If you achieve a perfect score of 800, then you will not be allowed to retake the exam for five years.

We suggest you select your exam dates well in advance so that you can book your preferred dates for the exam. There may be instances where you may have to reschedule or cancel your exam and GMAC provides you that option as well. You will have to pay a rescheduling fee or cancellation fee depending on how many days before the exam date you are cancelling or rescheduling.

We hope you have gained a better understanding of how to select your GMAT exam dates and if GMAT scores are accepted for admissions in India.