How play mats can help in the growth of your baby


Baby play mats are not just mats that you put on the floor so that it does not have to crawl on the hard floor. It is much more than that. It allows your baby the freedom to express itself, it is its playground, its dining table, its bathing area, and much more.

Many people don’t feel the importance of playmats in the life of a baby. They are not sensitive enough to understand that babies like all adults like to play, talk, express themselves, and share their emotions with someone. It is their baby mat, their own space, their own world, where they live and learn so many things.

In this article, we will discuss how these simple mats are important for the overall growth of your baby.

Cognitive development:

The playmat is the place where your baby plays most of its waking time. There are many toys and other items on the mat to keep the baby involved. Playing with things on the mat allows your baby to explore, figure out things, solve problems, and thereby develop much of the cognitive skills required in later life.

Visual Development:

When your baby starts to crawl, it starts to see and learn many things in the process. This crawling age is the maximum time when the baby improves its visual development and eye-hand, foot, and body coordination.   

Development of motor skills:

Playmats are the best place for a baby to crawl, and consequently the best place to develop its motor skills. By crawling day and night for some time, babies develop muscles in their hands and legs and develop their eye-hand, leg, and body coordination.

Help in reaching and grasping skills:

When babies are born their grasping skills are reflex actions. This means that they have no control over their actions. They will grasp everything that is put in their palm. But when they start to play on baby mats, they slowly learn to hold things that you put on the mat and also recognize them from their looks.

Develop sensory skills:

Sensory skills are the only medium of interaction with infants and small babies. You interact with them through chimes and other sound-producing toys, colorful items that attract their attention. All these items are used to develop their sensory skills. Once the baby grows a little and starts to put everything in his mouth, you start using teething toys to develop their oral simulation.

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