How to create brand awareness through product sampling?


Brand awareness measures how well people recognize your brand, including how “aware” they are that your brand exists. Rather than a simple individual measure, brand awareness is an idea that touches on many different KPIs, from movement to social share of voice, under the sampling company.

Strong brand awareness and recognition mean your label is top of mind when people think about the type of products or services you sell under a free sample product.

They recognize your logo or tagline, making communicating effectively through social content easier, especially in images or short-form videos under free sample products.

Brand awareness is a needed first step before building brand dedication. After all, customers can only love your brand once they know and recognize it.

Impacts of product sampling marketing:

  • It allows brands to reach a broader network of consumers.
  • It allows consumers to learn about the product and try it first-hand.
  • Digital product sampling has made product sampling marketing more efficient under a free sample product.
  • Digital product sampling using online influencers and e-commerce options makes it possible for consumers to order free samples online to be delivered directly to their homes.

Build a recognizable brand

Brand building is an essential first step toward brand awareness. You must clearly understand your brand and what it represents under the sampling company.

Tell a brand story

It correlates to some of the elements we’ve already discussed but goes further than your brand values and voice. Your brand story is your brand’s narrative and how it got to be that way under a free sample product.

Create value beyond your product

A fundamental way to build long-term brand awareness is to create value beyond our product. Think about ways we can inform, educate, or entertain.

Do our team or do we have specialized expertise? Please don’t keep it to ourselves! Share your knowledge through a blog, podcast, or newsletter.

It should be about something other than making sales directly. Instead, this relationship-building and brand-awareness practice creates more opportunities for audiences to get to know your brand under the sampling company.

Create shareable content

It overlaps a little bit with the last couple of points, but here we’re explicitly focused on creating content that’s easy to share. While it’s only sometimes possible to predict what will go viral, you can make your content more discoverable and shareable under a free sample product.

Contribute to your group

Not all brand-building occurs online. You can create brand awareness by contributing to your group concretely, like sponsoring incidents, offering corporate donations, or facilitating employees’ participation in charity events under the sampling company.

Offer a freebie

Everyone loves a freebie. Offering something free is an excellent way to get skeptical potential buyers to try your product. It can also generate buzz about your brand online.

Run social media contests

The point above concerns generating market presence by making it easy for people to test your product or service. This point also involves free material, but it’s about using a presentation to draw attention to your label on the social platform under the sampling company.

Run awareness advertisements

The social networks all know that brand consciousness is a crucial business target for many brands using their equipment, which is why they offer advertisements focusing on consciousness under a free sample product.

In short, brand awareness promotion is a straightforward method to ensure your social advertising estimate goes toward building consciousness for your brand under the sampling company.

How to scale brand consciousness?

Brand consciousness is not a single metric. But there are several stats you can use to measure it. Here are some essential brand awareness metrics and how to track them.

Note that while each social platform offers analytics equipment, those give you a siloed picture of your outcomes one account at a time. For an overall perspective of your brand awareness accomplishment, it’s essential to look at all the platforms together.


Reach shows the number of people who see your social topic. When more people see your subject, more people are likely to begin recognizing what transforms you as a label under the sampling company.

When tracking your reach as an estimate of brand awareness, pay special attention to the number of followers and non-followers.


By contrast, impressions measure the number of times people see your content.

People look at your content multiple times if your impressions are significantly more potent than your reach under a free sample product. It can be a great signal of brand awareness.

Audience growth rate

Audience growth rate computes how quickly your audience is growing. It provides excellent signals of brand consciousness, as followers are more likely to know about and recognize your brand than people who don’t yet observe you under the sampling company.