A Fantastic Guide To Thailand’s Ratchada Neighbourhood


The street Ratchada is an area located in Bangkok. It is nestled on the outskirts of the central districts. Even though it is modern increasingly but the place is less built-up than somewhere like that of them Sukhumvit lane. Even though it would have been making quick efforts to break out in the past few years, the area still manages to have the town environment. When you visit this road, you are most likely to find prominent Thailand culture centres and big department stores besides different types of hotels like the 5-star affairs and recently installed budget-friendly options by small guesthouses and hostels.

The entire neighbourhood is all about business entertainment and residential district that has undergone radar for tourists in Bangkok. It has also started attracting more long stayers, especially those with families.

Besides the nightlife, for example, The Street Ratchada has different shopping malls and has 2 IT malls dedicated to it. Besides that, the street has something dedicated to food, and you can get a variety of choices here from everything that you like including Chinese to Thai and from pizza to Italian options. The street Ratchada is one of the best places to explore as it is a fun area and you can see several things here even though not several English foreigners come here. You can access the street through the MRT underground network.

Central Plaza Gran Drama 9

It is one of the biggest malls in Bangkok, and it has 12 shopping floors. When you enter the mall, you can find around 3000 shops like restaurants that you have never seen before beside cafes and coffee shops. Besides shopping, you can get a cinema and ice skating rink, and in the basement, you can find out a gourmet supermarket.

The shops offer everything you want, from cosmetics, fashion accessories, books, and electronics. If you want to unwind after a long day at work, you can visit the spas in the mall.

Fortune Town

It is a vast mall featuring floors that specialise in electronics, cars, computers, phones and photogenic equipment besides other visual and audio components. It is one of the best malls in Bangkok as it has a great selling point that the mall is located conveniently. So if you want to get the latest technological items, you must visit this mall without a doubt.