6 Reasons Why Sustainable Fashion Brands In India Are Gaining Popularity


According to market research and data stats, the clothing industry alone is responsible for approximately 10% of the overall carbon emission of the planet every year. This percentage has been a major turning point in the way customers are interacting with fashion brands today. Given the different unethical ways adopted by fashion brands to manufacture clothes, the concept and regular use of sustainable clothing have increased globally. Using organic cotton, Pima cotton, hemp, etc., are some of the materials that are commonly utilized by sustainable fashion brands in India. All the different sustainable fashion brands in India today are known to follow an eco-conscious business model that helps them keep their carbon footprint on the environment to the bare minimum.

There are multiple different ways for fashion brands to revamp themselves as sustainable fashion brands in India and all around the world including changing the materials used for manufacturing, opting for renewable energy, switching packaging materials, reducing waste, etc. For the brands that are not choosing the sustainable route, here are some of the major reasons behind the increasing popularity of sustainable fashion brands in India today.

Why Are Sustainable Brands Popular In India?

#1 Growing Awareness

One of the major reasons why sustainable fashion brands in India are garnering maximum popularity today is the increasing awareness amongst the population, especially the current generation. This is because the availability of information online regarding the various malpractices conducted by the commercial brands and their effect on the environment, society, and the population, in general, are changing the way consumers wish to interact with fashion.

#2 Ethical

Another reason why sustainable fashion brands are the top choice for consumers today is the validation received in return for participating in ethical activities. With sustainable fashion brands, every individual is indirectly participating and contributing to insure no wrong activities bring them their final product.

#3 Environmentally-Friendly

As opposed to the popular commercial brands globally, sustainable fashion brands are known to produce eco-friendly products by combining materials that are organic and integrating manufacturing processes that reduce the carbon footprint of an organization significantly. This way, all the stakeholders of the organization feel content about their relationship with the brand that is supporting the environment.

#4 Better Quality for Skin

As the materials used by sustainable fashion brands in India are all eco-friendly and organic, the quality and superiority of the product produced are very high. Additionally, as there is no mixing in the product materials, the need for constant change ends as the details are not only high-quality but also are very smooth and comfortable on the skin.

#5 Easy Maintenance

When you purchase a product from a commercial brand, the need for being careful while washing the product is eliminated with sustainable fashion clothing. This is because the quality is such that basic wash is good enough to maintain the health of the purchased product. Additionally, as the brands are eco-friendly, no fancy add-on products are needed for wash or maintenance.

#6 Supports Fair Labour Practices

Lastly, when you choose a sustainable fashion brand, you participate in removing the unfair treatment of labour within the commercial fashion brands. The labourers are otherwise made to work in inhumane conditions and are paid. However, as the products are eco-friendly within a sustainable fashion brand, the need for labour ill-treatment is no longer a prerequisite for production.

Overall to conclude, there are plenty of other reasons why sustainable fashion brands in India as well as around the world are more popular and are witnessing a sudden spike in demand. All you need to do is know the benefits of opting for sustainable fashion brands, not only for yourself but for the environment, to encourage everyone around you to participate in this systematic shift from commercial to sustainable fashion.