Adding texture in interior design is a crucial fact you should know


Today we want to talk to you about the importance of texture in interior design. It is a fundamental element when it comes to decorating. When we start to decorate a place we should not only try to combine colors well, knowing how to use textures plays a very important role in any space, otherwise, the lack of these can make spaces seem flat, even if the colors and objects are very well chosen and combined. When we talk about texture, we refer to the sensation that you have when touching the elements, but there are also visual textures that can also generate sensations as if they were tactile. To decorate your spaces and enrich them, always keep in mind the textures to use, these can go on furniture, floors, walls, blankets or cushions and decorative items in general.

Smooth texture with bold prints

One of the keys to combining textures and patterns in different spaces of the home is to combine a smooth, simple and neutral surface with a contrasting pattern, in either tone or material.

Same color range

Another tip to combine different textures and patterns is to maintain the same color range, that is, choose a single color and apply different shades of it in the same space. The key is to play with different textures and patterns.

Geometric designs

Geometric designs can be combined with each other to create contrasting textures and patterns. For this, different designs can be used, however, choosing the same color helps to unify the space.

Similar patterns or textures

Contrary to the contrast of geometric designs, choosing similar patterns or textures can lead to interesting design combinations. The key is to vary the size of the print, but making sure it is on the same motif.

Different proportions

Playing with the proportions of the prints is another option to combine them with different textures and designs. The same designs in different sizes, that is, one that is larger and the other smaller, generates an original and sophisticated optical effect. The most common example is polka dots and vertical or horizontal lines of various sizes.

Classic combinations

If you do not want to risk too much, the classic combinations polka dots with stripes, stripes with flowers, flowers with polka dots, stripes with stripes, or polka dots with polka dots, are designs that will never go out of style. However, it is important to take care of the color in the prints, to prevent them from visually saturating the space.

Extravagant combinations

Contrary to the last point, extravagant combinations can be successful when patterns and textures are chosen that seem to go wrong. If you are looking for an original and fun design, choosing very different textures and patterns is the best way to discover new combinations. Besides adding your style and great personality to the spaces, the combination of textures and patterns in the home helps the various rooms of your house look more sophisticated and deep. Give you imagination wings. Download Foyr Neo and design your house according to your style and taste.