How to implement DevOps from scratch?


We are provided with a lot of information and details regarding DevOps over the internet, but still, there are some things that tend to be missed out. In this article, we will try to learn about the implementation of DevOps from the very beginning phase to understand its methodology correctly. DevOps consulting companies serve various duties and operations, helping to speed up the software development process. Thus, learning about the correct implementation technique is essential to enjoy the best cloud consulting service.

After you have taken point on all the factors for your DevOps consulting company, let us move to the steps required to maintain a smooth flow of all the operations.

  1. Managing and Organizing a DevOps initiative

The company’s chief information officer plans to create and organize a DevOps consulting company’s programs and initiatives as an essential member of the IT department of the organization. It provides an opportunity for the IT department to modify and change certain activities and operations for the overall firm. The chief information officer can organize several financial investor meetings and excellent human resources with the least tedious method. In this scenario, the program manager holds the responsibility for designing the concrete strategy for the DevOps consulting company.

  1. Building the DevOps strategy

The formation of an effective DevOps strategy includes combinations of responsibilities laid down properly to serve the best purpose and provide valuable results. A program manager can look up various practices and approaches available to draw the best from them for the company. The program leader is responsible for any modification and improvement that can be made in the various department collaborations that will help us to form a new method of infrastructure improvements, software development, and assessment.

Harmony in the workplace is essential for the development of any program. The company’s testing, designing, and structuring should be adequately monitored while working for a DevOps consulting company to provide the best cloud consulting service to the users. Every participant must participate equally in promoting the company’s name from a broader perspective. Setting common goals and working deliberately on their accomplishment can drive better development chances than other strategies in the process. For instance, setting a common objective for the software development cycle and maintaining high-quality software, everyone needs to be focused on improving the operations related to software development.

  1. Containerizing

It is one of the most critical steps in the process of implementing DevOps to provide the best cloud consulting service. Containerization helps companies run the application smoothly as it contains all the dependencies, configuration files, libraries, and other documents. This step is implemented to solve queries related to the reliability of the software that basically includes several processes from the initial development phase to different analyzing and then to the production. Containerization is implemented with tools such as Docker for better and more convenient functioning. As the parts are kept in isolation of the software from the IT department infrastructure, it allows for stabilized functioning with different working environments. The management of applications becomes more accessible as all the other pieces of information and software are categorized according to different containers.

  1. Combining infrastructure mechanization with CI/CD tools

After the software is put into different containers in the containerization process, the applications thus received get proper time to be accurately managed and followed. Various tools and infrastructures include Ansible, Chef, Kubernetes, or Puppet. These are integrated with the CI/CD tools. A few of them are GoCD, Jenkins, Bamboo, etc. Combining these two tools can bring the most efficient management while implementing a DevOps consulting company.

  1. Sufficient Automated Testing

Automated testing can help to fasten the delivery of DevOps for your company. It would help if you went through enough testing and analysis to understand the software wholly. You must keep in mind that not every test needs to be automated, therefore, you must perform specific testing such as security, usability, and exploratory testing through a manual process.

Companies must do all the testing and analyzing operations in tandem to avoid any kind of post-release problems and bugs in the software. You can go through these automated tests about 2-3 times a day while the application is still in the development phase. If you encounter any faults and defects in the process, the developers of the company can work on managing and stabilizing the software before the release of the following service.

  1. Monitoring the overall performance of the total applications

Transparency is an essential element to be considered while working for a DevOps consulting company, and the application performance monitoring can thus provide the participants with transparent results and performance. Various issues, such as memory leaks, errors in the software’s run-time, and slow response, can be easily tackled when discussed openly.

It allows monitoring of different application performances by detecting and prioritizing applications and isolating them before the user opts for them. It also helps find errors or faults with exceptional application software performance, for example, Nagios, Prometheus, Zabbix, etc.