iPhone 14 a Boon or Bane?



The iPhone is a silk-stocking sequence of smartphones created by Apple, a brand that uses its own iOS mobile operating system. The Super Robust built materials and water resistance features make the iPhone exceptionally stable compared to other brands in the market. iPhones are not a product that is completely “made in India” but preferably the term “assembled in India” would suit more. Hence, Apple products generally have lots of legal procedures and go through customs duties, which in turn decide the final prices of the product. Apple has more potent security controls over its app marketplace than any other product. Apple does not suffer from any security vulnerabilities due to its stricter management of devices in the iOS ecosystem and their regular updates.

Promising qualities of iPhone 14

iPhone 14 has numerous exciting features which makes it a hit model in the market.

  • Its design and build itself is living proof of Apple’s dedication to refinement and aesthetics. 
  • This is the lightest, most compact, and most comfortable iPhone of the entire generation launched in the year 2022. To be specific, the iPhone 14 is more delicate than the iPhone 14 Pro, or even lighter than the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max which is overall lightweight than any other iPhone models. 
  • This iPhone model is ranked as presumably one of the current top 10 smartphones in the mobile market. 
  • This iPhone 14 has been devised keeping in mind the iOS16 software, from designing the new home screen to the effective functioning of all apps.

Best Color in iPhone 14

Although many new colors were introduced, the Silver or Starlight iPhone 14 variants are usually the go-to choice for people who want a classy look without compromising on elegance.

Verdict for iPhone 14

Overall, this iPhone model has some setbacks which were not considered a major disadvantage.

  • It is a challenging task to find dissimilarities between the iPhone 13 generation and iPhone 14 models as neither the structure, performance, screen, or battery has revised even to a slight extent. 
  • iPhone 14 is nearly equivalent to the iPhone 13 but is pricey. 
  • So generally it can be a good choice to buy a brand new iPhone 13 in good condition rather than buying an iPhone 14 for a higher price.


Picking between Android and iOS is always a topic of endless discussion. There can never be a defeater or winner as it is highly subjective. 

The iPhone 14 is almost comparable in all aspects to the iPhone 13 model, which itself was identical to the iPhone 12. The iPhone 14 Plus model is an outstanding choice if you want a big-screen experience at a relatively affordable price. 

But this doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice for anyone using a phone that’s only two years old. You’ll notice a more prominent and significant difference if you’re upgrading to the iPhone 14 from the 11 or older since the new model includes new attributes like Emergency SOS via Satellite and crash detection. 

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