Ampersand Studios is the perfect place to bring your special event to life. Our exclusive event spaces in Nashville’s vibrant center are tailor-made for meetings, conferences, product launches, and more. Professionalism meets creativity when you choose us; each space is crafted with care by our expert team of professionals.


At Ampersand Studios, we aim to redefine event planning and provide an exceptional experience. We prioritize convenience, efficiency, and accessibility for events such as brand activations, corporate meetings, or educational workshops. Our team works hard to ensure your success by providing the tools and support you need along the way.


Ampersand Studios strives to bring innovative event venues and elevated experiences for our guests. Our artfully crafted indoor spaces, delectable culinary offerings, and dedicated team of professionals are committed to ensuring a successful outcome for your special occasion in Nashville.


Ampersand Studios offers one of the best event spaces in Nashville, allowing for a tailored experience that’s memorable and sure to impress. Our spacious locations provide you with ample room to host any type of gathering while boasting top-of-the-line amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi and an experienced staff ready to help make your event extraordinary.

As one of the leading spaces for gatherings in Music City, Ampersand Studios encapsulates all that makes Nashville special with vibrant energy, creating a legacy of innovation, inspiration, and collaboration through events within our unique venue. We deliver quality experiences designed around client needs, boasting attention-to-detail services by experienced professionals committed to excellence each time, ensuring that any gathering hosted here is unforgettable!


Ampersand Studios in Nashville offers more than meeting rooms; it’s an experience. With various configurations and cozy areas featuring top-of-the-line design, you’ll create the perfect atmosphere for productive meetings. Traditional conference spaces are also available to accommodate your needs while guaranteeing successful results.

Experience extraordinary meetings in our meeting spaces. Our large, magnificent windows overlook the city and allow natural light to flood the room creating an inspiring ambiance for innovative thinking and collaboration amongst colleagues. Make every gathering a special occasion with us!


Ampersand Studios is the ideal space for entrepreneurs and creatives to host their brand activation events. Our event spaces offer a variety of unique, thoughtfully designed venues that set the perfect atmosphere for your event and ensure a lasting impression on attendees.

Ampersand Studios is your go-to partner for brand activations. We offer versatile event spaces that can be customized to fit any type of experience and bring your brand’s vision alive. Our creative teams will assist you in creating memorable experiences that resonate with a captivated audience; from product launches to fashion shows, no matter what the occasion, we have the solutions you need! So don’t hesitate to let us be your canvas to ignite buzz around exciting brands, products, or startups!


Ampersand Studios is the ideal partner for your corporate event or team-building activity in Nashville. We provide customized spaces to help engage employees and build connections, from employee engagement workshops to conferences. Make your event a success with our special venues and experience what Ampersand has to offer!

Imagine hosting a corporate event in a space that’s both professional and inspiring. Ampersand Studios combines the best of both worlds. Our event spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, comfortable seating, and a vibrant atmosphere, creating the ideal setting for team discussions, training sessions, and workshops. Your employees will be engaged, inspired, and motivated in our unique event spaces.


Ampersand Studios provides the perfect setting to create meaningful connections with your audience. Our event spaces are fully furnished and equipped, making them ideal for hosting talks, workshops, or seminars in a spacious yet intimate environment. All you need is passion and ideas – we’ll provide everything else!

The success of talks and workshops often hinges on the atmosphere and environment in which they take place. Ampersand Studios provides a thoughtfully designed backdrop that ensures your attendees are comfortable and engaged. Our spacious yet intimate event venue allows speakers to connect with their audience on a deeper level. We believe that inspiring surroundings lead to inspired ideas.


For a small, sophisticated, and special event, our venue is the perfect choice. We offer elegant settings with up-to-date amenities and an exclusive atmosphere for all occasions. Our professional staff will help make sure every detail of your event exceeds expectations.

Ampersand Studios offers the perfect setting for small, intimate gatherings. Our modern decor and high-quality amenities provide sophistication and elegance to your event. From cocktail parties to product launches or networking events, you’ll always feel welcome in our professional yet cozy atmosphere.


Ready to experience Ampersand Studios for yourself? We invite you to schedule an in-person or virtual tour with one of our dedicated team members. Discover how our event spaces can make your event a true success story.

As you step inside Ampersand Studios, you’ll immediately sense the vibrant energy and creativity that permeates the space. Our commitment to nurturing the talent and innovation in our community is evident in every detail. During your tour, you’ll have the opportunity to explore our event spaces, from the breathtaking meeting rooms to the versatile brand activation areas and from the inspiring talks and workshops venue to the chic small party venue.