Safety Tips On How To Handle Pallet In A Warehouse – Why Choose Automated Stacking Solutions


In the warehouse and logistic sectors, the pallet is the basic component. It is an indispensable tool in warehouses and distribution centers. Proper pallet handling protocols and the right tools ensure smooth warehouse operations.

Unfortunately, pallets are responsible for numerous workplace injuries. So, it is crucial to reduce workplace risk. Create an environment that makes the employees feel safe, which will motivate them and enhance productivity.

Implement pallet handling training

Training is of great importance because it offers workers to finish their tasks more productively and safely. Pallet handling is like lifting heavy goods, so the employees must learn to lift in a way that does not strain their back and shoulder.

Confirming that the weight is suitable for the forklift or the pallet jack or the pallet inverter is essential to avoid damaging the machines. Employees need to know what kind of material handling equipment to use for sensitive goods using pallet turners and not pallet inverters. Ensure to buy pallet exchanger machines from leading manufacturers of Top Industries. They offer manual to complete automatic systems needed to fulfill high performance. Products provided use inverting, tilting, pushing, and pressing techniques and are available in stationary and mobile versions.

Implement safety procedures and practices

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Check pallet regularly

Hazards and accidents can be avoided easily through regular pallet inspections. Never use damaged pallets as they are unable to fulfill working pallets’ stability and can cause injury. Check pallets for loose nails, cracks, or faults, which are risky for loaded pallet handling.

Wear PPE

Personal protective equipment protects hands and feet which are common injuries warehouse employees’ experience. Choose the correct footwear to avoid splinters or loose nail pokes and even feet from dropped pallets. Safety gloves with strong grip allow doing tasks quickly while protecting hands and fingers.

Uncluttered workspace

The workplace must be kept uncluttered to reduce the risk level. Leftover debris can cause trip hazards. It can even hinder the movement of forklifts or pallet jacks. Stick to good housekeeping practices and maintain a clutter-free safe workplace.

Introduction of automation stacking system

In the supply chain & logistics sector, manual jobs are less desirable. Employees are scarce in the warehouse sector because pallet stacking is a physically draining task. Choose to introduce an automated stacking system in the warehouse. It will free plenty of employees allowing them to focus on other tasks around the facility. Automation enhances workplace efficiency. Besides, a fully automated stacking system will work around the clock, if necessary without pause or break.

Top Industries offer Side Pusher, which is the fastest pallet transfer machine with a capacity to exchange 100 pallets in an hour. It is designed to integrate with roller conveyors, pallet stackers, slip sheet dispensers, film-cutting stations, labeling machines, and other advanced solutions.

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