Things You Need To Know About The New Rolex Cellini


Rolex’s Cellini watch often blends into the background as the middle child. Rolex’s Cellini is its most creative and underrated model. Perhaps it does not have as much appeal as the Day-Date because it lives in the shadow of an iconic watch like the Daytona.

Comparatively speaking, Rolex Cellini watches are incredibly diverse, and unlike Rolex Oyster watches, they have a consistent design. Their cases, bracelets, movement types, and materials come in many shapes, techniques, and materials. 

As a result, we created an ultimate buying guide on Rolex Cellini watches to help you find out more about this often overlooked but significant timepiece range.

Rolex Cellini

A Few Fast Facts About Cellini Collection:

  • In 1968, it was released for the first time.
  • A goldsmith and sculptor by the name of Benvenuto Cellini
  • Dress watches dedicated to Rolex.
  • Only two options are available: gold or platinum.
  • A quartz or mechanical movement can be used to power the clock.
  • Used nontraditional case forms.
  • There is no Rolex water-resistant oyster case with this watch.

Rolex Cellini History

Cellini, Rolex’s non-Oyster dress watch collection, was launched in 1968. During the Renaissance period, Benvenuto Cellini created masterpieces still studied and celebrated today as masterpieces of goldsmithing, sculpture, and painting.

Cellini’s first designs featured flat, thin gold watches with gold dials and manually operated movements. Compared to Rolex Oyster watches, they are considerably more delicate and delicately designed.

The “Oyster” designation in select Rolex watches refers to its water-resistant Oyster case. Conversely, Cellini watches never had Oyster cases and were not built with water resistance in mind.

Some Rolex watches feature the Oyster case, which makes them waterproof. However, the Rolex Cellini watch does not have an Oyster case and is not designed for water resistance.

Current Rolex Cellini Models And References

Cellini Watches Now Feature The Following Features In 2022:

  • Case backs with fluted edges
  • Straps with buckles that are made from 18k white gold
  • 48-hour power reserves (chronometer-certified)
  • Water-resistant to 50 meters

Models Of The Rolex Cellini Are No Longer Available

Cellini watches are less produced by Rolex but will still be available on the used watch market if you’re interested in finding them. While older Rolex Cellini models are as diverse as they come, a few traits will run throughout all of them:

  • Solid gold or platinum cases for non-Oyster watches
  • Displays that show only the current time
  • Dial features the Genève and the Rolex Cellini
  • Bracelets or straps made of valuable materials