Is Alcohol Intake Are Dangerous To the User’s Body?


Nowadays, most people are addicted to alcohol intake from teenagers to older adults. It has changed the lifestyles of the people. The excessive intake of alcohol can leads to several chronic diseases and many severe problems like heart disease, BP, liver diseases, stroke, digestive problems. Sometimes it may lead to death. This is because, at the time of taking alcohol, the people can receive several changes both physically as well as mentally.

Factors Affecting Alcohol Metabolism:

Many factors affect alcohol metabolism; there is no set time frame for how long it stays in addiction systems. The elimination speed varies from individual to individual, and it depends on their health and body conditions.

Are you thinking about how long for alcohol to leave the systemIt depends upon the addiction body condition and how fast their body can metabolize alcohol. It can break down for half a drink every hour in many people. If the people drank 0.08 liters, it leaves for 2 hours; if they intake 0.05 liters, it will be left in their system.

The breathalyzer measure can measure the drinker’s blood alcohol concentration by calculating alcohol content in the air blow into it


How Long Can The Test Detect Alcohol In The Drinker’s Body?

The standard drinks contain 14 grams of pure alcohol; it comes about 12oz of beer, 5oz of wine, and 1.5 oz of spirits. It depends upon how much they drink. It can be approximately calculated by alcohol test. The high-quality tests and sensitive pick measure only a tiny amount of alcohol. The maximum amount of time test can detect the alcohol after the users consume it,

  • Blood test – 12 hours
  • Breath test – 24 hours
  • Urine test – 5 days
  • Saliva test  – 48 hours
  • Hair test – 90 days

After testing some necessary examination, the addiction is suggested to take rehab centers as soon as possible.