Read to Know Whether Stem Cell Therapy Can Treat Your Knee Problems


There is no denial that as we get older, our joints start hurting and the idea of climbing stairs becomes increasingly uncomfortable. However, there might be a solution for those who are in agony, including those with knee or ankle arthritis or injured athletes.

Although invasive surgery used to be the only option for treating knee and ankle pain symptoms, experts now believe that a variety of treatments should be tried first. Some of the patients may experience symptom relief from stem cell therapy for knee pain Orange County without having to undergo unpleasant surgery and a protracted recovery period.

Stem cell therapy has recently been heralded as a miracle treatment for a variety of ailments, from wrinkles to spinal restoration. Stem cell therapies for a number of illnesses, such as heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and muscular dystrophy, have showed promise in animal tests.

Osteoarthritis (OA) in the knee may also be treated with stem cell therapy. The cartilage that protects the bones ends and begins to wear away and degenerate in OA.

The bones begin to scrape against one another as they lose their covering that serves as protection. This results in discomfort, edema, stiffness, and eventually a loss of function and movement.

Stem cell treatment for knees

The ends of the bones are covered in cartilage, which allows the bones to move easily with minimal friction against one another. The cartilage is harmed by OA, which increases friction and causes pain, inflammation, and eventually a loss of movement and function.

Theoretically, stem cell for knee pain therapy makes use of the body’s natural healing processes to aid in the repair and prevention of cartilage degradation.

Stem cell therapy for your knees aims to:

  • Slow and repair your damaged cartilage
  • Decrease inflammation and also reduce pain
  • Possibly prevent or delay the need for any knee replacement surgery

In simple terms, stem cell therapy involves:

  • Taking your small amount of blood, normally from your arm
  • Concentrating the stem cells together
  • Injecting your stem cells back into your knee

Does it work?

Stem cell therapy reduces knee arthritic symptoms, according to several research.

Although overall results are encouraging, additional research is required to learn:

  • How it works?
  • Correct dosage
  • How long the results may last
  • How often will you require the therapy
  • Side effects and risks

Studies indicate that there are not many side effects from knee stem cell therapy.

Some patients may notice transient worsening of their pain and swelling after the operation. However, the vast majority of patients who receive stem cell injections do not have any negative side effects.

Your own body’s stem cells are used during the process. This, in principle, greatly lowers the possibility of any negative side effects. But there are different methods for collecting and processing stem cells, which probably has an impact on the different success rates of the published research.

Before you receive any treatment, it is best to know as much as it is possible about the stem cell therapy and knee pain procedure and also how it works.