What is a wedge wire screen? Its advantages and applications listed


A wedge wire is made from the metal mesh element used in filtration and separation of liquid and gas, food, water wasting, mining, dehydration, and activities related to sieving. It is surrounded by high strength, rigidity and straw bale capability and can be engaged into various rigid screening filter shapes.

It is a siever made up of twisted wires then shaped into bottomless wedged-shaped sections. Different wedge wires are gathered into a panel to create a cross rod of diameters across loops. 

Wedge wire screen panels are composed of V profile wires and support rods, and each contact point is welded together to form uniform slots. The structure of the filtration slot is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. It had good backwashing and filtering functions.

Advantages of wedge wire screens

  • It is regular in fitting slots with excellent precision to ensure the filter media is adequately retained.
  • While compared with other screens, wedge wire screens have an open and broader circulation area.
  • The gaps between the wire screens provide a smooth, finish-shaped cross-section, with about no dead ends coming along the way. 
  • It provides easy backwashing and good block resistance.
  • It is typically a mechanically strong resistance and provides a good sustain with a significant pressure drop.
  • It is constructed on fine steel wires with excellent corrosion resistance and high-temperature speed with a resistance to a wide range of hostile environments. 
  • It provides solid strength, large flow and high pressure to adapt to the forms of fluid direction. 
  • With consistent filtration accuracy, the wires may be repeatedly used with no problems arriving. 

What are the factors affecting wedge wire screen design? 

When building a water intake design system, a well-designed wire has a good water intake. The water intake defines how well the water intake system works. If it is built properly, it will create a plan with lower cost maintenance over a lifetime, but if it is not, vice versa. The following are the essential things to note down. While designing a water intake system: 

  • It should meet the working environment criteria
  • It should enhance the effectiveness of the operational buildings.
  • It should be protected by aquatic life. 

It is obvious to create a property-designed wedge wire screen to meet all the requirements of a water intake screen. We create unique designs and offer a wide range of profiles and parameters that are ideal for mechanical filtration and separation of liquids and solids, 

In terms of creating designs, here are some guidelines you must keep in mind: 

  • Easy communication 

Communication can build and destroy things quickly, and in this field, it is imperative to interact as early as possible to avoid frequent problems. Using previous knowledge and design to showcase our new client and ensure the requirements are essential. 

  • Assemble the various types of water intake screens available in the market.

Several different types of water intake are available in the market; it is essential to list down and screen their benefits in adds to create the most efficient system for the applications

  • Drum screen

Drum screens are used in calm seas with minimal water flow. It is handy to create space when the situations are not in flavor. 

Last words 

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