What Should Your Diet Look Like 1 Year After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?


Gastric sleeve surgery has become a popular weight loss solution for those who struggle to lose weight through other methods. If you have recently had gastric sleeve surgery, it is essential to understand what foods and dietary habits are best for you in the long run. In this article, we will discuss what your diet should look like one year after gastric sleeve surgery.

Type of Food You Should Eat

First and foremost, it is essential to note that the type of food you should eat post-surgery is drastically different than what you may have been used to before. After surgery, your body cannot process certain foods due to their restricted size. For this reason, you must begin eating much smaller portions with every meal and snack. Also, choose less-dense foods such as lean proteins (chicken, fish), vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products containing low-fat or fat-free options.

Maintain Proper Nutrition

It is also essential that you maintain proper nutrition by consuming adequate amounts of vitamins and mineral supplements along with a healthy diet. Many people forget about these crucial elements when changing their dietary habits after gastric sleeve surgery, but they are necessary for maintaining proper health. Make sure to speak with your doctor or nutritionist about the appropriate levels of vitamins and minerals your body needs based on your needs.

Stay Hydrated and Exercise Regularly

It is also essential that you prioritize hydration in your daily routine – your body’s ability to absorb nutrients depends mainly on how hydrated it is, so be sure to consume at least 64 ounces of water per day if possible (more depending on how active you are). Fruit and vegetable juices are also good sources of hydration, but limit sugary beverages such as soda or energy drinks as these can cause rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which could lead to health problems down the line.

In addition to eating balanced meals and drinking enough fluids throughout the day, regular physical activity is integral to achieving long-term success following gastric sleeve surgery. While exercise can help strengthen muscles and bones within the body, remember that too much physical activity can lead to dehydration, so be sure to take regular breaks throughout the day! Aim for moderate exercise four days per week, such as walking, jogging, or swimming – not only will this help with weight loss goals, but it will also improve overall wellness over time.

Positive Attitude – Set Goals

Finally, keep in mind that positive lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight – it takes time for our bodies and minds to adjust after significant life events like gastric sleeve surgery. Along with following a healthy diet plan outlined by professionals, set realistic expectations while creating achievable goals over time. This can help keep you motivated and on track for long-term success.


Gastric sleeve surgery can be a great way to jumpstart your weight loss journey and live a healthier lifestyle. Some ways to tackle the surgery include eating small portions, maintaining proper nutrition levels post-surgery, regular physical activity, and setting realistic goals. If you’re looking for where to get the surgery done safely and effectively, look for an experienced doctor for gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, so that you can get the help you need for a successful surgical outcome. With a professional’s guidance, this route of weight loss can provide effective long-term results.