Considering Dental Implants in Northeast Philadelphia? Addressing Common Concerns 


A lot of people in Philadelphia choose dental implants to replace lost teeth. They are better than traditional bridges or dentures in many ways, such as looking better, working better, and lasting longer. However, it is normal to be nervous before going through any dental treatment. Let us talk about some of the dental implant questions that people ask the most. If you have any other concerns regarding dental implants in Northeast Philadelphia, you can contact a dentist today! 

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are small posts made of titanium that look like screws. During surgery, these posts are put into the jawbone. Over time, they bond with the bone. A tooth crown, bridge, or denture can be put on top of this combination to make a strong base. If you take good care of your dental implants, they can last for decades and are thought to be a lasting answer for lost teeth. 

Concerns people often have about dental implants.

There are many good things about dental implants, so it is normal to have some doubts. Here are some of the most common worries broken down in more detail:

Premolar tooth recovery with implant. Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth and dentures concept
  • Cost

Getting dental implants is an investment in your health, both in your mouth and in your whole body. The price can change based on a number of factors, such as the number of implants needed, how difficult the process is, and where and how long your doctor has been practicing. However, a lot of dentist offices offer payment plans to help make treatment cheaper.

  • Surgery

The process of putting in an implant is a small surgery. Some pain is normal, but current dentistry methods and drugs can make it less painful and stressful.

  • Healing time

The time it takes to heal after getting a tooth implant depends on a number of factors. Of course, it takes a few months for the implant to join with the bone in the mouth. During this time, your dentist will give you specific advice to follow so that you can heal properly.

  • Potential risks and problems

Dental implants come with some risks, just like any other surgery. Some of these are infection, blood, and nerve damage. However, these problems do not happen very often when a skilled and experienced dentist does the procedure. 

Make an appointment to see a skilled doctor if you are thinking about getting dental implants. They can talk to you about your specific needs and worries and help you decide if dental implants are the best option for you.